If you are planning to transform the mood inside your home, using the exact amount of light can significantly improve the setting of each area of your home. Below are three types of lighting you must keep in mind when aiming to incorporate better lighting for your next house renovation.  

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can be found in chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures.  This kind of lighting regulates the room’s tone and overall lighting. Placing these ceiling fixtures in the middle of the room makes the space look bigger and it also gives a relaxed light setting. You can also use dimmers to regulate the room’s level of brightness throughout the day.  

Task Lighting

This kind of lighting delivers more brightness than the ambient furniture can offer so it can be used on an exact area where more illumination is needed. It provides concentrated lighting so it is best to use when you are reading or writing. It is also the best lighting to use when cooking. Task lighting is also the key to a brighter and bathroom. For your vanity area, position the task lighting above the mirror. In the same way, you can affix sconces on either side of your vanity mirror. A task lighting is likewise the perfect kind to use in your table lamps.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting with the use of pendant lights is a way of giving a highlight into a particular area or an object such as paintings, sculptures, souvenirs, plants, and so on. This type of set up adds drama and elegance to your home. They are usually hung in high-ceilinged rooms as they add brilliance and visual attraction. They are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line in dining areas and kitchen counters.