If you intend to keep your wooden cutting boards for years, then it’s necessary to keep preserve its great condition. Giving it tender loving care doesn’t need to be a daily task. A weekly maintenance will suffice.

To clean and maintain your wooden cutting board’s appearance, you will be needing water, oil, cream, and a microfiber cloth that’s lint-free. For the oil, you can choose any brand that suits you while you can make your own cream by mixing beeswax and oil together. Nevertheless, you can always buy one from a local store.

How oiling helps maintain a cutting board

Wooden cutting boards can easily soak up liquid from food and absorb tint and odor which can cause it to gradually rot away, so it’s necessary to oil it. The process will prevent your cutting board from warping and bacteria build-up. Mineral Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Carnauba are the best types of oil to use.

How to season your cutting board:

1.    With a soap and water, clean your wooden cutting board’s surfaces and edges thoroughly. Use a cotton cloth to dry the board. Leave it standing on one of its edges to make sure it completely dries overnight.

2.    When the board is thoroughly dry, smear an ample amount of oil on all the surfaces, edges, and handle if it has any. Leave it on its edges for at least three hours to make sure that the oil is fully absorbed by the wood.

3.    Once the cutting board had completely absorbed the oil, apply the cream to every nook and cranny of the board. Again, let it dry the same way overnight.

4.    The next morning, polish it with a clean lint-free microfiber cloth. Rub it in a circular motion until the wooden cutting board looks glassy. Pour some red wine on the board to test if the barrier you created functions well. If the board doesn’t absorb the wine, then you have done a good job.