Summer is easily most people’s favorite season. There are celebrations here and there, and just the thought of summer holidays make us all giddy. It’s not without downside, however. You excitedly pull out your favorite summer outfit from the back of the wardrobe only to find out it’s damaged with little moth holes. Sure, it gives you the reason to shop for new ones, but you can’t just let that happen to everything in your wardrobe.

Much to everyone’s annoyance, moth problems are very common. They are on the loose year-round, but they are most widespread from the months of June to October. The key of course is prevention.

Technically speaking, adult moths can’t eat your clothes because they don’t have mouths. Moth larvae and eggs actually causes those moth holes on your clothes.

These tips will help you get rid of those pesky moths in your wardrobe:

1. Thoroughly clean your clothes and wardrobe

The sight of webbing, cocoons, and larvae inside your wardrobe mean they’re infested with moths. These larvae appear like grains of white rice. What you need to do is to deep-vacuum your wardrobe then wipe it with a cloth damped with an antibacterial spray.

2. Maintain spaces between your clothes

 Squeezing your clothes in the wardrobe will only make the moths proliferate faster. Keep in mind that they thrive in damp and dark areas. So spread your clothes out to let some air in.

3. Keep your clothes are dirt-free

Moth enjoys the scent of your sweat, so it’s good to wash your clothes on a regular basis, especially your knitwear. If there are sign of moth-infestation in a piece of clothing, wash it with hot water and dry clean, or place it inside freezer to completely terminate the eggs or larvae.

4. Make use of natural repellents

Moths react adversely to the scent of cedar wood, so place a block in your wardrobe to keep the moths at bay. Another option is to wash your clothes with detergents that have lavender scent. Eucalyptus also wards off these insects.

5. Store expensive clothes more carefully

Keep your suits, coats, and other expensive pieces of clothing in garment bags and make sure to have them dry-cleaned as often as needed. Avoid storing them in bags that may accumulate dust because moths like dusts.

6. Stash your winter clothes properly

Make sure that the clothes you don’t need for summer are fresh and clean before storing them away. Cardboard boxes are a no-no for storing clothes as moth can easily chew on them.

Getting rid of carpet moths

Your carpet can also be a breeding ground for moths. They are mostly found in the areas of the carpet that has less foot traffic and scarce natural light. Thankfully, there are carpet sprays designed to prevent and target moth infestation. Make sure to target carpet edges. Do this once a month.