Nail Art has been around for a long time now, it is described as the practice of painting and decorating nails. With this comes various kinds of colorful designs, different use of materials, and shiny gemstones to brighten up and make the traditional manicure or pedicure stand out. In recent years nail art has been used to create a new level of accessorizing.

Nail Salons and Famous Techniques

Going to Nail Salons to get professional treatment is an excellent way for you to receive the best quality you can get. Since nail salons specialize in nail art, the execution and final results will be satisfying. Some of the most famous methods that you can pick are Gel Nail Arts, Foil Nails, Nail Piercings, Nail Art Pens, and 3D Nail Art. In addition to that, Nail Extensions became one of the most requested procedures lately.

Gel Nail Art

This gel manicure is actually an extremely popular type of specializing nail art. It is often offered in a huge number of salons around the globe. Gel nail art includes the application of distinct gel polish to the nails and then followed by the use of UV light to set it.

3D Nail Art

This kind of process just became popular. Artists use a variety of nail techniques and tools that typically includes the use of special gels, glues, and materials. Some of the most popular 3D designs include beaded nails, feathers, gems, mini decors, and ombre colors.

Foil Nails

Another modern tool is the use of foil nails. The whole process will start when your nail artist starts to place all foil transfers and ensure that the cuts match your nail shape and size accurately. After that, they will apply a unique foil glue to your nail to help it set.