Do you want to make your wedding day special? You don’t need to be a professional event manager to make this happen.  In fact, what you need are just herbs and flowers.

Read this article and discover the four secrets to make your wedding tables stand out during your wedding day.

1.Name Tags. Create name tags for your guests using flower-scented papers. Hang the name tags on each table, or you can post them on the wall. Clip the tags in a string or wire for ease of access.

Aside from keeping the wedding venue organized, name tags also provide a quick snippet about a particular guest.

If you print the names, make sure that the scented paper that you’ll use is not glossy. Of course, double check the spelling of the names before you hang the name tags. Always remember that a minor spelling error could mean a lot for some people. 

2.Candle Inside a Pot. Another trick to make your wedding unique is to use candle pots. Place the candle pots to the tables to add glamour and romantic feel. No need to buy commercial candle mugs; what you need are just empty yogurt pots.

3.Herb Table Garland. Your wedding will become extra special if you use herb garlands. Just collect essential herbs and then tie them using a vine (for a more organic effect). You can place the herbs on top of the table (besides the main course) or as part of the platter arrangement.

4.Hanging Herb Effect. You can also make your wedding unique by using herb wreath. 

Arrange the herbs (forming a crown) and hang this on the entrance, center, and outskirts of the venue. Just make sure that the herbs are dry to avoid accidents.

Indeed, you can make your wedding day unique and special without spending too much. What you just need is to unleash your imagination and creativity to the tee. Best wishes and may you enjoy your ‘big’ day soon!