4 Paint Trends to Watch

Are you wondering what color to paint the interior of your house? There are over hundreds of colors to choose from which makes the process tougher. What are the trends right now? Glad you asked. Here are 4 trends to be on the lookout for to make your house shine.

Grey is a Top Color

Sometimes your favorite color may not look nice on the walls. Think about how the walls would look for other members of the house, visitors, and not just you. Grey is a trending paint color as of right now. Studies right now from designers believe that gray will remain a popular color for the rest of the year.

Go With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are becoming more of a trend lately. They go well with any design, highlighting the furniture that you own. If you want to aim for a new and different style that you have never tried before, neutral colors are going to meet that mark. Examples of neutral colors are blue, green, and red. One of these colors just might be your favorite color so go ahead and make the room shine.

Mixing Gray and White

Gray and white make great interior colors for your house. They are trending right now. These colors are the most recommended to paint the outside of the house to get people to turn their heads. As described by designers, gray and white is the best neutral look to appeal to buyers.

Think About Pale Blue

As of right now, pale blue is on the trend. Pale blue looks great in small spaces in houses. The size of the room in which you are painting matters along with the lighting. Choose any of these trending colors to make your house look new.